July 28, 2020
By Yasmim

What Are Disney Easter Eggs?

They are secrets intentionally placed in films, TV shows, and series, that only the most alert viewer will perceive. It reveals connections between the shows and movies, and also some spoilers about future events in the animation universe. Take a look!

Aladdin and Mulan. “I Don’t Get It, What Is Punctual?”

Awesome Easter Eggs From Disney Movies
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The first on the Disney easter eggs list is about two movies that happen on different continents. When the princess Jasmine and Aladdin are flying for the first time on Aladdin’s magic carpet, they stop at a rooftop to talk better. That rooftop is China, as you can see in that architecture near them. The fireworks that appear in the scene are the ones which the population of the city was firing in celebration of Mulan’s victory over Shan Yu.

This is not the only Disney easter. There is a scene in Mulan where she is writing in her arm the qualities a woman must have to be a good wife, and one of these is “punctual”. In that same rooftop scene from Aladdin, the genius is whispering to Aladdin some compliments he must say to Jasmine, and he does say punctual too.



At the beginning of that classic Walt Disney movie, the prophecy of the oracles talks about an alignment of six planets. The ancient Greeks believed there were only six planets, including Earth, a perfect reference from the old beliefs.

Also, when the hunky Disney character goes inside Phil’s house, he hits his head on the Arg ship’s pole. A clear reference to another Greek Myth. There this history about a hero named Jason, who also has hit his head on the pole of the Arg’s ship.


Awesome Easter Eggs From Disney Movies
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There are many smalls details that we can’t perceive in the movies of the Mickey Mouse company. Pay attention that Mother Gothel always kisses Rapunzel in her hair, not on her forehead. This means that she only loves her magic hair, not the princess itself.

There is another Disney easter egg that is the mobile over her baby crib, which contains figures that could spoiler all the movie’s future. There is a white horse, who is Maximus, a chameleon, who iis Pascal, a rubber duck, which means the bar where Rapunzel meets many people, and a cupid who makes reference to that old man who appears at the end of the movie.

There is also a scene from the bar where you can see some characters who really resemble like Pumba from The Lion King, and another who looks like Pinocchio.

The Princess And The Frog

Awesome Easter Eggs From Disney Movies
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In the film, we see a bizarre wallpaper in Dr. Facilier’s room. But when his shadow hits the wall, the part where the shadows cover becomes skull images. Maybe it was a tip that the deal Naveen was about to get wouldn’t be a good one. But as soon as the spell is broken, the frog turns into a handsome and charming prince named Naveen. Be careful next time with these deals!


Awesome Easter Eggs From Disney Movies
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The film which tells the story of Moana, the adventurous teenager who sails out on a daring mission to prove herself to her master, couldn’t stay out of this list. When Maui becomes an animal, there is always a fish hook marked somewhere in his new body. Also, in Pixar films’ first scene, Hei-Hei appears trying to eat a rock, and later, he tries to eat Maui’s finger.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is the voice of the character. Most Disney fans in the theaters got this reference and laughed a lot.

The Lion King

In "The Lion King," could Simba and Nala be half-siblings ...
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John Musker, the most popular Disney animator, really enjoys putting the fans into easter egg hunt mode. Take a look at this one:
Simba and Nala like to play fight, and in all situations, Simba always lost to her. When he is fighting Scar, he uses that same kick to push him down the hill, this kick was the one he was training to fight Nala and finally win. It had a great use to defeat the villain.

Lilo & Stitch

Chosen One of the Day: Pudge the Fish from Lilo and Stitch | SYFY WIRE
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The Disney World is full of joy, but it can have its sad moments too. Lilo often says that her fish, Pudge, has the power to control the weather. The viewers may get confused, but there is a sad history behind it. As you may remember, she feeds her fish every day with a sandwich. Coincidentally, the only day that Lilo forgot to feed him was the day her parents died in an accident due to the bad weather. Now she never forgets to feed Pudge, thinking something bad could happen again.

Where Is 101 Dalmatians Filmed?

In 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp are both briefly seen during ...
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In the second Disney movie about dogs, we can see in the first scenes that many of the dogs from a Lady And The Tramp appear in the streets. It seems they are in all the same city, who would guess? The Walt Disney world is more connected than we thought.

Monster, Inc.

There's A Wild Monsters Inc Theory That Involves Sully Being ...
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Disney’s Easter bunny is always working. The villain monster, Randall Boggs, says that humans slaughter monsters to make toilet seat covers. Now in the short Pixar film, Toy Story Toons – Partysaurus Rex, we see in a bathroom scene the same fur of Sully being used as a toilet seat cover. Scary, right?

The Hunchback Of Notredame

The hunchback Of Notre Dame Hellfire English (Disney) - YouTube
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The movie is full of interesting Disney easter eggs. There is a scene where Frollo, the infamous villain, offers ten silver coins for who could tell where Esmeralda was hiding. No one of the gypsies or Frenchs accepted, then, Frollo offers twenty coins for this info, no one accepted too.

The villain, being a huge devotee, knew that thirty silver coins were the amount that Judas received to tell Jesus’s location. Of course, Frollo didn’t want that comparison with Judas.

WiFi Ralph

They know. | Wreck-It Ralph | Know Your Meme
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The movie of the most famous villain character from the video games has one of the funniest easter eggs from Disney movies. There is a funny scene where one of the pop-up ads that get closer to Ralph is “single housewives want to meet you”. This ad shows a picture of aunt Cass, from Pixar films Big Hero.

The Little Mermaid

Vanessa | The Little Mermaid | Fandom
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We see that the villain Ursula uses a magic butterfly to transform herself into a woman named Vanessa. Coincidentally, Vanessa is also the name of a butterfly gender. Also, when Ariel saves Erick, he looks at her, and her face is against the sun, creating a shadow that makes the princess look like a black hair woman. So, in the future, he thinks Vanessa is that one little mermaid who saved him from drowning at that time.

Pizza Planet Truck and The Pixar Ball

Pizza Planet Truck Easter Egg in Pixar Soul
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The iconic truck first seen in Toy Story became part of the Pixar universe. From then on, you can find it in every film, even in the most recent. Pixar also made another signature that appears in every movie of them, the Pixar ball, a yellow and blue ball with a red star in the middle. You probably didn’t perceive this easter basket, but now you are going to egg hunt every time you watch one of the movies of the company.

Hidden Mickey In All Disney Films


Yes, they will leave this Disney easter egg in every film. There are tons of images around capturing that “signature” in the movies of the company. But they are so subtle that only a very attentive person can spot them.

You can find the hidden Mickey in old movies like Mickey and Donald Duck films, Sleeping Beauty, and in recent releases like Toy Story, Big Hero, Finding Nemo, etc.. In Elsa’s room in Frozen, you can even spot Mickey Mouse itself. Finding Disney Easter Eggs is sure a funny task, have a try!