July 4, 2020

During its history, Disney influenced all our childhoods, growing up with their amazing stories was magnific. With the internet, fans began to connect. They created unbelievable crazy Disney theories that connect many Disney movies and tell a different story from what we have seen. Now’s the time to have a look at those Disney Theories!

Tangled and the Pandemic.

Crazy Disney Theories
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Disney may have a magic crystal ball. Years go, they predicted the current state of our world in Tangled, the connection has spread across social media as fans revisit the classic Disney film. Locked up and isolated by her mother, Rapunzel can’t leave the castle at all.

Many have linked this to the self isolate quarantine around the world, but that’s a coincidence. It gets weirder now, the castle is based in the Kingdom Island ofCorona. However, after Rapunzel has been in isolation for so many times, her world gets a lot brighter, as Flynn Rider rocks up to free her. That’s also the relief we are all waiting for in real life.

Monsters Inc and Brave.

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One of the big points in 2001’s Monsters Inc is that the Monsters can teleport to various houses through special doors. By accident, Boo saw this in action, so years later, she may have found a way to manipulate the monster’s technology. Later, she also figures out how to time travel with it.

Now it becomes interesting. Let’s jump to the movie Brave, we meet the Witch. She has the uncanny ability to teleport with the use of doors, yes, the Witch is Boo. If we take a gander around the Witch’s home, there’s a little easter egg that gives us some evidence. There is a wood carving of a creature similar to Sulley.

Boo should have found a way to travel far back into the past as Sulley isn’t around in Brave. For some reason, she’s unable to go back to her time. Perhaps, her damaged travel technology is beyond repair, it doesn’t matter, Boo is now stuck Brave’s land.

Little Mermaid’s Mother.

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In the movie The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Beginning,  we find out what happened to Athena, her mother. It turns out she was killed by a group of pirates that hit her with their boat. As a result, Ariel’s dad King Triton hated humanity. However, this film might not be the first time we see Athena.

 We might have seen her in Peter Pan, there we see Pan and Wendy meeting a group of mermaids. Two of them are redheads, but the one with their hair down looks somewhat similar to Ariel. This theory claims that this redhead is the future Queen Athena. The group of mermaids then splash Wendy and later admit to trying to drown her due to her gender.

The theory also states that the Pirates that took out Ariel’s mother’s life may have been working for Captain-Hook. After all, the mermaids are very scared of him during their Pan scene.

Aladdin’s Time Problem.

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This is probably one of the most well-known theories, the idea makes tons of sense. The theory is about a post-apocalyptic future. It first evidence is when the genie makes a judgment on Aladdin’s clothes, he states it’s much too-third-century. Later, he makes a reference that he’s been in the lamp for 10,000 years, so if the genie was around during the third century, that would mean the present-day is at least the year 13.000.

 On top of that, the genie makes many references to pop culture at the time of the film, and even magical items like the flying carpet could be a advanced technology. Iago being able to talk might be the result of mutation or even a technology that somehow allows animals to talk. It all connects.

Finding Nemo.

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This involves the cute feel-good story about a father locating his lost fish child. The theory tells you that Nemo isn’t lost because he perished a long ago. In the film, we find out that Nemo’s egg siblings and his mother Coral were all destroyed from an attack by barracudas. Well, what if Nemo never made it either, instead, Marlin is imagining that one of his offspring survived this savage attack.

 Firstly, the translation of the word Nemo in Latin is “nothing”. We can split the movie into the five stages of grief: Denial, Marlin doesn’t want Nemo to go to school; Anger, screaming at Nemo when he swims too far; Bargaining, Marlin travels across the ocean to look for Nemo despair; Witnessing, the flushing of Nemo down the drain acceptance. In the end, Marlin finally lets go of his past that haunts him.

Inside Out.


In Inside Out we meet Bing-bong, he’s the imaginary friend of Riley’s childhood. We first meet him as he’s stealing memories from Riley for some reason, it’s a weird and unsettling moment. It’s also never addressed what the creature was doing with the memories.

Anyway, in order to save Riley, Bing-bong sacrifices himself by jumping off the wagon so Joy can get back to the headquarter. He slowly fades away, thus implying that Bing-Bong bit the big bullet.

 Some good news, Bing-Bong, the real one, might be alive and well. As this creature shares a lot of similarities to the beasts in Monsters, Inc, his very animal-like appearance with over-the-top coloring. Bing bong may have visited Riley when she was a child, to harvest her laughs with the Positive Association. Riley created a goofy memory of the monster, so, what we see perish in the memory dump is a memory, not the actual Bing-Bong.


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Back to a bittersweet entry, Up was a heart-wrenching film, but it might get a little more. This theory goes with the idea that once Carl loses his home in a court case, it meant he had to go to a retirement home. He passes away in his sleep that very night, the rest of the film is Carl on his way into the afterlife.

The rising up of the house represents a soul moving into the spiritual world. With the afterlife in mind, Russell isn’t a plucky kid, he’s actually a guardian angel to help take Carl into pastures. Russell’s badges are tasks that the angels need to meet in order to gain his wings, so assisting the elderly badge is more spiritual than merely mowing their grass.

 This theory also explores how Kevin, the bird, represents a muse or a higher calling. Dug, the dog, represents a transition, this sounds like a Constantine movie.


Toy Story shock: Andy's mum has terrible secret from her past ...
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This theory is all about Jesse, the modeling cowgirl. In Toy Story 2 we discovered the abandoning of Jesse, as Emily becomes a teenager. Since then, Jesse struggled to trust anyone, let alone human kids. Eventually, she changes her mind. The identity of Emily is unknown, we’ve only seen brief flashbacks from Jesse’s perspective.

However, one theory points to Andy’s mother being the girl that abandoned Jesse in the film. We see Andy playing while wearing a human-sized version of Jesse’s hat, not Woody’s. As a result, it makes sense that either Andy found the hat in his mom’s items, or she gave it to her son.

After all, we still don’t know Andy’s mom’s first name, we only know her as Ms. Davis, maybe it’s Emily, who knows.


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In the Emperor’s New Groove, Kuzco gets turned into a llama by mistake, due to being a terrible leader. Shortly after, Kuzco walks through a creepy jungle, even though Pacha tries to tell him it’s a bad idea, Kuzco does what Kuzco does. During that not so fun jungle experience, we see a fly gets caught in a spider’s web and it pleads for help before it gets eaten.

The problem is that in the world of Kuzco’s empire, even in animal form, the emperor can’t speak with other animals, only to humans. This implies that the unfortunate Fly was once a human. Along the way, Kuzco learns his lesson and returns to his human form, before getting eaten by some bigger animal.

Snow White. Another Crazy Disney Theory.

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This theory is about when the Prince plants the kiss on the princess. The theory is that he isn’t actually the Prince, but the manifestation of the Grim Reaper, usually known for wearing a black cloak. The Reaper is there to help Snow White into the afterlife after she kicked the bucket from consuming the poisoned Apple.

He provides Snow White with the kiss of permanent napping. As soon as she wakes from her nap, the princess begins to say goodbye to the Dwarves, it’s as though, she’ll never see them again. Then the Grim Reaper, a horse, and Snow White walked towards a dreamy castle in the clouds, hinting that it’s actual heaven.

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