August 3, 2020

Celebrities have access to the most advanced methods to keep their youth long. Some celebrities who mysteriously never seem to age may change to a vegan diet, some may use expensive products, or even make plastic surgeries. In this list, you will see many actors you sure would think are twenty or more years younger than they are.

Marisa  Tomei

Celebrities Who Mysteriously Never Seem To Age
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She started her career in 1986, somehow, the actress found a gap in space and time, and managed to keep her 80s body since then. If you remember Marisa playing in My Cousin Vinny, and look to her playing Aunt May in the newest Spider-Man, you can’t really see signs of aging.

Hugh Jackman

Celebrities Who Mysteriously Never Seem To Age
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We already know there is something in Australian waters that produce a huge amount of gorgeous people in the country. Jackman started his career in 1994 and hasn’t aged a single day since then. We can also say he is in better shape than many guys in their 20s.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Celebrities Who Mysteriously Never Seem To Age
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When you start your career as one of the biggest hearthrobs of the time, it must be hard to keep up with the public expectations. Luckily, DiCaprio never lost that thing that made all the teenage girls fall for him. The actor from Titanic also chose to play diverse roles in Hollywood, like dramas, horror, and comedy, but he is always seem as that pretty boy who everyone loves.

Halle Berry

Celebrities Who Mysteriously Never Seem To Age
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This is one of those actresses who managed to look the same in the last two decades, in fact, she ages better every year. Berry in her 52 years old, works since 1989, and she has no sign of aging at all. The actress claims that her youthful appearance comes from her healthy lifestyle, with lots of sports and a good diet. She also said Yoga and Meditation help her a lot with this.

Keanu Reeves

Celebrities Who Mysteriously Never Seem To Age
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Since his first appearance in One Step Way and now in his latest one in John Wick 3, the actor managed to paralyze the time to keep his better appearance. We love to think that his usual good mood and charisma, is what kept his appearance great for so much time.

Jenniffer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston shuts down dating rumours, again
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We are sure that Jenniffer hasn’t aged a single minute since her first appearance as Rachel Green in Friends. Although her hairstyle changed a lot of times during her career, her face and skin surely didn’t. There must be some kind of magic around it.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Game of Thrones: Thomas Brodie-Sangster admits he would like to ...
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You may not remember his name, but for sure, you know his face. Thomas started when he was a little boy in the movie Love Actually, and he has been working unstoppable since his 10 years old. Every time we look to Brodie on the screens, we think he is still in his teenage years, but the actor is actually about to complete 30 years old. Incredible genetics in this case.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Reveals the Heartwarming Reason Why She Said Yes to ...
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The actress looks the same since her 18 years. She had roles as an FBI agent, a mother protecting her children in a horror movie, an astronaut, all that with her same youngish look. Bullock is in her mid-50s, but she is keeping her beauty in check every single year.

The Rock
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We thought a man in his 40s who spent part of his time being chased and beaten in a football field and a ring, would age faster than a regular person, but that didn’t happen to Dwayne Johnson. Not a single scratch in the 6’3” height actor, he is constantly playing action roles in movies, and he still has that appearance and disposal of a 20-year-old guy.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Captain Marvel Interview 2019 | POPSUGAR ...
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His career goes back to 1973, he has been acting in literally all the genders of movies available. The actor maintained his appearance intact since then, in Captain Marvel, they even tried to give him a younger look through an editing program, but it really caused no significant changes. The 71 years old actor is still pushing it.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez debuts blond lob haircut at 'Hustlers' premiere
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You may know her mainly as a singer, but she has been in Hollywood since 1986. The multi-talented celebrity is in her 50s and still making everything like she used to do when she was a 20 years old girl new in the scenes. Dancing, singing, acting, and learning multiple languages, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t look like she is getting any tired.

Will Smith

Will Smith's bungee jump: The latest stunt near Grand Canyon
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Our beloved Fresh Prince won our hearts in the 90s with his TV show. Always fun and charismatic, the actor managed to keep his youth looks despite always been in a so much agitated lifestyle. Even with his greyish hair, the actor still has a long way to go to be able to be called an old man.

Robbert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr. will be next 'Avengers' superhero to win an ...
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If you were a fan of Robbert Downey Jr since the 80s, you know that the actor should have been in a worse appearance than he is right now. Downey has faced a problem with drugs, alcohol, and almost lost his career in the acting forever. But he managed to turn his life around and is now one of the most well-paid actors in Hollywood, and also, he looks 20 years younger than his actual age of 55.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba Tests Positive for Coronavirus – Variety
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Despite his greyish hair, he looks like the same as when he joined Hollywood, in 2002 we saw that tall black good looking men starting in the Wire series. Now two decades later, he is on his best times, portraying many different roles in movies and series. The actor has a very good shape and was even elected as the Sexiest Man Alive of the 2018 People’s Magazine.

Morgan Freeman

The voice of God in Hollywood has an incredible 82 years old. He is not only a very busy actor but if we didn’t know about his long career, we would think he is no more than 60 years old. Of course, his hair isn’t anymore as dark as it used to be, but the actor born in 1937 is still in total shape to present us with the best of his talents.

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