July 8, 2020

What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime? Let’s talk about 13 Best Prime Videos of July 2020! Some releases will surprise you!

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Best Prime Videos of July 2020
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Released on July 1, this big drama series are waiting for you on the Amazon Prime. All the seasons of Homeland are available, from the first to the seventh. Eight years after the disappearing of two American soldiers in Iraq, one of them returns after being rescued by the US army. Repatriated, he is back in the country as a War hero.

But against all this worship he is receiving now, the agent Carrie Mathison, who spent several years in Afghanistan, thinks Brody is actually an infiltrated spy. Someone who can plan a huge terrorist attack inside the United States. This series started in 2011, and the hype still significant. It’s worth giving it a try.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge 2017 Film Norsk ...
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This franchise doesn’t need to be introduced. It’s an iconic movie, with its lead character Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp. The franchise is memorable and will always be a reference for the Pirate Lifestyle.

Even better, Dead Men Tell No Tales brings the super talented actor Javier Bardem, who plays the scary villain Captain Salazar. Bardem also played the 007 villain Raoul Silva, one of his most iconic roles.

A brief introduction, Salazar will be a pain in the ass for Sparrow, he leads an army of Ghost Pirates. The villain wishes to kill every pirate possible on the earth. But to avoid it, Sparrow needs to find the mighty Trident of Poseidon, who gives the one who possesses it the power to control all the Sea. The story is very well written, and you gonna really enjoy it.

Prison Break. One of The Best Prime Videos of July 2020.

Prison Break pode voltar DE NOVO? Astro abre o jogo
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You probably heard of this series before. After Lincon’s prison, for a crime he did not commit, the engineer Michael Scofield builds up a plan to take his brother off the jail. Michael is purposely sent to the prison where his brother is, and he finds out his plan won’t be as simple as he thought.

Behind bars, he will need to align himself with some dangerous criminals to get him and his brother out of prison. This is it, another great action serie for the platform.

Modern Family.


From the first to the ninth season, the show is coming to make the public laugh, cry, and be engaged with them. In Modern Family, we basically have the daily life of three different families who are connected to each other. They are huge families with all kinds of problems and routines. So it’s pretty easy to feel related to the series since we all have people and situations similar to those in our lives.

Halloween x3.

Best Prime Videos of July 2020
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Three of the horror movies franchise launched in Prime, Halloween 4, Halloween 5, and Halloween 6. The latest one is the most hyped right now, the history is about Laurie Strode, a character who survived the attack of Michael Myers in the last movie. Now, with the return of the villain, she will be more prepared to face him. If you enjoy horror movies, this franchise is the best for you around.


Prime Video: HANNA - 1ª Temporada
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The character is a teenager who lives with her dad in the rural part of Finland. Her simple routine changes when she met an ex-CIA Agent who plans to kill all of his enemies inside her country intelligent service. Ana then receives a hard training to become a skilled assassin. Now, she will face a mission against the CIA who may cost her life. Don’t forget to watch it.

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Fast 6 and Fast 7

Best Prime Videos of July 2020
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The franchise is the most popular of its gender, no other movies managed to engage so much the audience as this one. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and The Rock are the golden team when its about action and fast cars. The two movies that will be released, will bring way more action than races. The franchise is slowly transitioning from the pure street races guys to the action and explosions scenes. One more movie to give a try at the platform.


10 years ago, Mad Men began a story of men who tried to change ...
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The character Don Jon Prey, played by John Hamm, is one of the most talented names inside the publicity area of 60s New York. Jon Pey hides a lot of secrets from his past, and he is always trying to manage his turbulent work and family life well.

In the office, Don has to deal with the ambition of one of his partners, like Pete Campbell, and at the same time, he has to teach the new girl, Peggy Olson. They live in a time with great political and social changes. The employees of the marketing agency fight to conquer relevant customers. The HBO series is well rated by the critics, and you gonna sure enjoy it.

The X-Files.

The X-Files: Ficheiros Secretos. De estranho (para)normal
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The FBI Agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are the opposite of each other. He believes in supernatural activities, and she doesn’t. Together, they will investigate mysterious cases that lead to Alien conspiracies, for example, who almost make them lose their careers. The series is a great deal if you love that mix of rationality with the paranormal.


Top 5: os melhores episódios de 'Glee'
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The series created by Ryan Murphy was a huge success. Amazon will receive six seasons on their platform, it’s an excellent chance for you to watch that iconic show if you had not yet. The music teacher, Will Schuester, engages in reforming and managing the school choral.

To give a new life to the group, he searches for extraordinary students who have few opportunities in the school to show their talent and personality. The teacher then tries to balance his personal life and his life in the school. But Sue Sylvester, another teacher, wants to ruin his plans, causing huge problems for Will. The 2009 series is available for you now.

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