July 6, 2020

Great news! Ahsoka Tano has been Confirmed In The Mandalorian Season Two! She has a fascinating history in and out of the screens. In her first appearance to the fans in 2008, a considerable part of the public disliked her. The fact that Anakin Skywalker had an apprentice made no sense to them since, in a few times, he would become Darth Vader.

But quickly, Ahsoka became a beloved character, going to the multi-platforms of the franchise, comics, series, books, cartoons, games, and more. Now, she will debut into the live-action, The Mandalorian Season Two.

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Fan loyalty. That’s what we will see in The Mandalorian Season Two

Rosario Dawson has a lot of support from the fans to play the role of Ahsoka in the show, mainly because she is a huge fan of the character herself. Since 2017, the actress has been working through her social media to be noticed and gifted to play the female warrior in any show or movie.

She even appeared on some TV program in 2017, to talk about her wish to interpret Ahsoka. That’s what fans love to see.

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There is also a similar case that happened with Ryan Reynolds. The actor always made a campaign to be cast to play the funny anti-hero. Then, Fox put him in that infamous movie, X-men Origins, and even then, the actor still insisted on staying on its role. Fortunately, some years later, Fox rehired him to play the Deadpool.

There is a funny history that when Ryan Reynolds showed his crazy and funny personality as Deadpool to Fox in a shooting test, the company got shocked and was reluctant about him. So the actor leaked his pre-shooting, making the public fiercely demand the company to make a Deadpool movie. The rest is history.

Back to Ahsoka, of course the appearance of the female warrior won’t have a huge impact in the series, since the Mando’s way to protect and take care of our beloved baby Yoda can’t be outshined.

Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian also don’t understand yet what the Force is and how it moves the entire universe. That’s where Ahsoka comes in, as a force-sensitive character, she may track them and teach the baby how to use his special power.


The appearance of Ahsoka will bring some answers to us of her own history. Precisely, where had she been and what was she doing during all this time. It’s important to know that The Mandalorian is happening five years after The Return of the Jedi.

When Ahsoka firstly appeared, the Star Wars timeline was between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Her last appearance was in the animated series Rebels.

She faces her old Master, Darth Vader and fights him. The moment Ahsoka appears in a White suit looking to the destruction of the second Death Star, and the defeat of the Emperor Palpatine. Her last goal was to recruit Sabine to help her to bring back Ezra, who apparently, became One with the Force.

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We may see then that Ahsoka really has a special connection with the Force, even though she doesn’t consider herself as a Jedi, as she said while fighting Vader.

In the Mandalorian, we may discover if Ezra was or not saved. That path that she may have followed to bring back him could also have turned her into something greater than a Jedi. Since she would need to understand all the mystical and philosophical part of the Force.

We could also guess that through this new “connection” with the Force, she could preview the existence of the Baby Yoda in the Mandalorian show. Maybe Ezra itself could appear in the show, maybe Sabine, who is a Mandalorian and was once a keeper of the dark saber, could show up in the series too.

What is sure about Ahsoka’s role in the show is that she won’t be a fixed character. Like Cara Dune, she will only make an appearance for two or three episodes. But since money is the law, we think the producers will test the fan’s reaction to it. Implying that if the hype on her gets really high, she could become one of the main characters in the third season of The Mandalorian or even a single show about Ahsoka’s life could be made.

The same way as Ahsoka got disappointed with the Jedi, Cara Dune left the Rebel Forces of the New Republic. So we may consider that those girls may know each other from the times they were fighting against the Empire. So, Cara may even tell her about our Baby Yoda.

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Ahsoka has a great connection with the Mandalorians, as we have seen in the Mandalore invasion. She was one of the warriors who helped to free Mandalore from the advances of Darth Vader, what right after, made Sheev Palpatine sign the 66 act. Which ordered the execution of all the Jedi in all the corners of the galaxy.

The Republic became an Empire, right after, since now Palpatine took the Mandalore planet. Causing the great purge against the Mandalorians, which was mentioned on the show.

The main character of the show doesn’t know exactly all that story, so it may happen that Mando will see Ahsoka as one of the responsible for the fell of Mandalore. He could even try to kill her when she appears searching for Yoda.

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He doesn’t know any Jedi in person, he was not saved by one, and the armorer of the Mandalorians often told him that the Jedi are an old enemy of the Mandalorians. So even if he greatly takes care of our Baby Yoda, he thinks all the Jedis are extremely dangerous and deserve a quick death.

Ahsoka could also have the plan of creating a new order, besides Jedi and Sith. And who is better to teach the new force-sensitive childrens than our beloved baby. This way, we can assume Ahsoka’s first meeting with Mando, won’t be a welcomed one.

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