July 20, 2020

We remembered the films that were the last for the actors who left this world too early.

Paul Walker

Last movie: “Fast and the Furious 7

Actors Who Left This World Too Early

Neither relatives nor fans wanted to believe in the death of Paul Walker: how did an actor who so many times put on his own the most complicated stunts in a movie about racing become a victim of a car accident?

The car in which Paul and his friend Roger Rodas (he was driving) were on November 30, 2013, crashed into a lamp post and caught fire – the passengers did not even have a chance to escape.

On the eve of his death, Walker began shooting in the seventh Fast and the Furious, which made him famous. The actor did not complete all the episodes with his participation, but the film crew in memory of a friend decided to finish the film.

Heath Ledger

Last films: “The Dark Knight”, “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus”

Actors Who Left This World Too Early

The Joker from The Dark Knight became one of Ledger’s most powerful roles , but preparing for the movie greatly depleted the actor’s strength and led him to a protracted depression. A neo-noir-style film was very different from earlier Batman paintings. Instead of comic villains, a serial killer with personality disorder was introduced into the comic book universe. And if before the viewer believed that good would certainly triumph, in this part evil was everywhere – in the very atmosphere of the picture, in the heart and deed of each hero.

Ledger himself was preparing for the shoot within a month, practicing gestures, voice, and behavior of the hero. By his own admission, he combined in his character the intonation of Jack Nicholson (he played the Joker in the 1989 version), the walk of Alex from Clockwork Orange and the manner of Sid Vicious from Sex Pistols.

The Joker was in the top three greatest movie heroes according to Empire magazine and brought the posthumous Oscar to the Manager.

In parallel with The Dark Knight, the artist began filming in the mystical film Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, but did not finish the job. On January 22, 2008, Ledger was found dead in a hotel room. Due to the fatal mixture of painkillers, sleeping pills and tranquilizers that Heath used in the last months of his life, the actor’s heart stopped beating.

Director Terry Gilliam nevertheless decided to release The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and found an original way out: according to the plot, the Ledger hero falls into another dimension, where he magically changes his appearance several times. “Finish” for Heath agreed to Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. The actors gave their fees to the daughter of Ledger Matilda.

Corey Monteith

Last movie: McCannic

Actors Who Left This World Too Early

The last film with the participation of the star of the series “Chorus” Corey Monteit became partly autobiographical: the actor turned into a drug addict in the independent drama “McCannic”. At first, the director Josh Waller did not even consider the actor for the main role in his film – Corey looked too strong and peppy for the role of a guy suffering from addiction. But at the audition, the actor convinced Josh of the opposite.

For Monteith, it was a matter of honour: in his youth, he abused illegal substances, was often treated for addiction, and was sure that he was able to defeat his habit. History, alas, showed the opposite. On June 13, 2013, the artist was found dead in a Canadian hotel. The cause of the death of the star was an overdose of heroin.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Last films: “The Most Dangerous Man,” “God’s Pocket,” “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.” Part I “

Due to problems with heroin, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s life was cut short. In early 2014, after a 20-year abstinence, the actor broke loose. On February 2, the actor’s personal assistant discovered his body in a Manhattan apartment.

Two weeks before his death, the Oscar-winning actor was full of creative plans: he began shooting in the series “Type of Happiness”, planned to launch his second directorial work “Ezekiel Moss”, took part in the third part of “The Hunger Games”. Hoffman was never able to complete these projects: “Type of happiness” and “Ezekiel Moss” decided not to release, and the missing scenes in “The Hunger Games” were recorded using visual effects. 

Phoenix River

Recent films: “What is called Love”, “Dark Blood”

Actors Who Left This World Too Early

The 23-year-old River Phoenix died on October 31, 1993 in the courtyard of the California club Viper Room, which at that time was owned by actor’s friend Johnny Depp. During the party, Phoenix became ill, and he, accompanied by friends and brother Joaquin Phoenix, went out into the street where he had an attack. The artist died in the hospital. And the cause of death was called a lethal dose of narcotic substances.  

The last picture in which the actor managed to appear before his death was the drama “What is called Love.” Thanks to this tape, River met his girlfriend, actress Samantha Matis. She was next to Phoenix at the time of his death.

In 2012, director George Sluiser, in memory of the actor, released the film Dark Blood, which included several episodes featuring River.

Bruce Lee

Last movie: “The Game of Death
Actors Who Left This World Too Early

A martial artist and a Hollywood celebrity died in Hong Kong on June 20, 1973 after taking a pill for a headache, leading to cerebral edema. The circumstances of the death of the artist have not been fully studied: according to some sources, the tablet contained a dose of aspirin and meprobamate incomparable with life, but there were versions that death was rigged by his envious.

Before his death, Bruce Lee set about creating the movie “The Game of Death.” He not only played the main role, but also acted as screenwriter, producer and director of the project. Due to the sudden death, the work was never completed, then Robert Klauze, who had previously worked with Lee on the Dragon’s Exit, got into the director’s chair.

Robert almost completely rewrote the plot in which the hero of Bruce Lee also met death. Filming from the actor’s funeral was also inserted in the picture.

Brandon Lee

Last movie: Raven

A coincidence of fatal circumstances can be called the death of the son of Bruce Lee. One of the most tragic stories in the movie happened on the set of the movie “Raven” on March 31, 1993. Work was ongoing on the final episodes when the hero Brandon Lee was supposed to be killed by his archenemy Fanboy performed by Michael Massy. By fateful accident, a stub hit the gun from which Michael shot Brandon, which, when fired by a blank cartridge, hit the actor’s stomach and mortally wounded him. After 12 hours, the artist died in the hospital.

Later, the actor’s mother sued the film company for negligence and won the case. No charges were brought against Michael Massy, ​​but this did not save him from a protracted depression for several years. Out of respect for the Lee family, the scene of the murder was re-shot with the participation of an understudy.

James Dean

Last movie: Giant

24-year-old James Dean managed to star in only three films, while becoming an icon of style and a sex symbol of the 50s. “Giant” – the last project of Dean – was highly praised by critics and brought the artist a posthumous nomination for an Oscar.

A mystical story is connected with the death of James, in which the actor’s car is to blame. On the eve of his death, the artist acquired a new sports Porsche, which he never tire of admiring. Actress Ursula Anders and actor Alec Guinness, intuitively foreseeing trouble, warned James from traveling, and yet on September 30, 1955, he got behind the wheel. Due to a collision with another car on one of the California roads, the artist died, and the car crashed to smithereens.

After the death of the actor, the car was bought by one of the fans, who paid a fabulous sum for the repair of the car. When the car was completely restored, the girl got behind the wheel, but did not reach her destination: she had an accident and died from a broken neck.

They decided not to repair the car anymore, but its spare parts installed in other cars fatally decided the fate of several drivers who either died or were seriously injured as a result of accidents. In 1960, when the Porsche was being transported to a Los Angeles auto repair shop, the car suddenly disappeared.

Sergey Bodrov Jr

Last movie: Bear Kiss

On September 20, 2002, the film crew of the film “The Messenger” (Sergey Bodrov Jr. was the leading actor, screenwriter and director of the film) worked in the mountains of Vladikavkaz, where one of the episodes was shot. With the onset of darkness, the team members hastened to descend from the mountains, but fell under the collapse of the glacier. According to official figures, no one managed to escape, but the bodies of more than a hundred victims of the tragedy were never found, despite a thorough search. The body of Sergei Bodrov Jr. has also not yet been found, and the film “The Messenger” has remained incomplete. In the fall of 2002, the premiere of the film “Bear Kiss” with the participation of Sergei Bodrov Jr., shot by his father before the tragedy, took place.

Robin Williams

Last films: “The Face of Love”, “Prince of Providence”, “This Morning in New York”, “Boulevard”, “This, Damn it, Christmas Miracle”, “Night at the Museum-3”

Many comedy projects in which Robin starred in the last years of his life did not save him from depression caused by the early stage of Parkinson’s disease and financial difficulties. But this was known only to his relatives – for colleagues, Williams remained a smiling and cheerful actor who did not know the troubles. Therefore, no one wanted to believe in the version of suicide. But the official examination says: Robin Williams hanged himself and died of suffocation. Shortly before suicide, the artist began filming in the sequel to the 1993 comedy Mrs. Doutfire, which was never finished. To date, the picture never saw the light of day. The drama Prince of Providence, directed by Michael Corrente, remained in limbo.

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