July 2, 2020

When Marvel calls, you better go, it may be the chance of your life. You are to play iconic Marvel Characters loved by everyone, and it’s an excellent way to get your body in shape, like a superhero. We’ve selected a list of Actors Before And After They Got The Call From Marvel.

You are going to see the most impressive transformations of actors in the Marvel Universe. They changed their physique, they changed their lives, and they changed their careers. That means they are happy, and they will not want to quit the scene.


Robert Downey Junior.

Actors Before And After They Got The Call From Marvel
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He had one of the most significant returns in the history of Hollywood. His career began in the 80s in a period of little success at NBC. Things improved for him when he appeared in teen film series like Weird Science and The Pick-up Artist. After those comical roles, he played the drama film, Chaplin, in 1992, which granted him an Oscar nomination.

In the 90s, things started to go bad for him, struggling with drug addiction, that fact became public. His career suffered big blows and he was arrested. Despite a successful season in the television series Ally McBeal, Downey Junior couldn’t put his life in order.

In the ’2000s, starting to improve his life again, he managed to get his career back, but when Jon Favreau convinced Marvel to cast Robert as the iconic Iron Man, the world was never the same. Playing the superhero gave him an opportunity to work out his body, which improved his lifestyle in a healthier way.

Chris Pratt.

Actors Before And After They Got The Call From Marvel
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Although Pratt’s personal life has never had the same struggles as Downey Junior’s, he experienced changes when he was cast as Peter Quill, aka, Star-Lord in The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Many fans remember him from the sitcom Parks and Recreation, as the funny character Andy Dwyer. Andy was silly, funny, and had a chubby body, like a teddy bear. It wasn’t his natural weight, but he had to remain like that until the end of the series.

To become the Star-Lord, Pratt had to work out 4 hours daily and had a strict diet based on protein and vegetables. People thought he couldn’t handle this character because of his most known performance as Andy, but after his first appearance as Quill, he won the public.

Star-Lord, while being a funny character, had a lot of dramatic moments, which allowed Pratt to show his true acting potential.

Chris Evans.

Actors Before And After They Got The Call From Marvel
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Chris Evans had his start in the comedy Not Another Teen Movie. His first participation in the MCU was as the Human-Torch in the Fantastic Four sequels. It may not have been a great film, but Human-Torch was a cool character. When his first attempt as a superhero in Hollywood failed, the actor tried more dramatic roles.

Sunshine was his first drama and right after he had a memorable role as Lucas Lee in the comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but his second season as a Marvel superhero changed everything for him.

Cast to play Steve Rogers, he became one of the most beloved superheroes of the MCU, and it is not hard to understand why. Evan played the role with such naturality that it was hard to differentiate the person from the character. One of the most famous scenes is when he leaves the transformation capsule who turned him in Captain America, showing his new muscular physique.

Chris Hemsworth.

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We cannot forget the “God of the Thunder”, he was unknown when he first appeared in 2011 and Thor, his most significant role so far. His first appearance was in the StarTrek film by J.J. Abrams, where he was cast as Captain Kirk’s dad. Hemsworth was already in good shape, but he still needed more for the superhero role.

He trained with a famous ex-soldier where they would focus in his arms and chest, to ensure he would be “worthy” to lift the Mjolnir(Thor’s hammer).

Chris put 10kgs of pure muscle in his body, and in the latest Avengers movie, his character became a fat drunk, but all that fat was fake in the film.

Brie Larson.

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Before being chosen as Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, Larson was already one of the greatest young talents in Hollywood. She appeared in films like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Short Term 12, and finally Room, her biggest role, which gave her an Oscar for the best actress. It was not a surprise when the Marvel studios signed her to be a superhero, her talent was undeniable.

Larson was involved in intense workouts to stay in shape, the actress would always share her work out routines with her Instagram followers. One of those routines was to push a jeep with 2,000 kg for a whole minute, do push-ups with a heavy chain on her backs, and more.

Of course, everyone was impressed with this powerful woman, and all that effort was worthful was we have seen in the movies.

Kumail Nanjiani.

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A huge transformation we saw was from Nanjiani, known by his role in the Silicon Valley series. When he took a picture of his new body for his Instagram, some people thought it was photoshop, but it was all true. The actor was getting ready for his role in the incoming MCU phase, The Eternals.

Nanjiani made a post saying he never thought he would be one of these persons who share pictures of themselves in social media, but he had a lot of work to put his new body and decided to show his results. He had an entire year of work out with the best personal trainers who Marvel could pay.

Paul Rudd.

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His career began in the 90s with roles in Clueless and Halloween 6. In the 00s, he joined a comedy team with Seth Roger, Will Ferrel, Steve Carell, and Jonah Hill in the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Later, his role as Brian Fantana in Anchorman consolidated him as one of the greatest comedy actors. His simple-person behavior made him the perfect choice to play the Ant-Man.

The public was surprised after know that the 45 years old actor had spent some time at the gym. In an interview with the Men’s Journal, Rudd told them he has always been the kind of person who wants the results without the work. In Ant-Man, he changed his mindset and said he would wake up and go run for 30 minutes every day, and later would start his work out routine.

Chadwick Boseman.

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The “King of Wakanda”, he was a well know actor before being cast to this role. He gained a lot of notoriety by playing the sportsman Jack Robinson in the movie 42 and his incredible performance as James Brown, in Get On Up. Both films demanded great body conditioning, so when casting as the Black Panther, he was almost ready for the role.

Boseman used to work out 4 hours daily, and his experience with martial arts helped a lot with his superhero battle scenes. He could not become as muscular as his superheroes partners because the panther must be quick and sharp in combat.

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