July 24, 2020

One of the saddest things that can happen in Hollywood, is the incredible actors who made terrible movies. Bad career management and poorly written movies are something that the critics usually don’t forgive. So, even well-acclaimed actors may fall to be cast in a bad film, prejudicing his career story. Let’s check now some of those unfortunate actors.

Terrible Movie by Nicholas Cage.

Actors Who Made Horrible Movies
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People tend to forget that Nicholas Cage is a great actor, because of those infamous movies he usually participates. The truth is the actor won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Leaving Las Vegas in 1996. Turn him worthy for the Coppola’s Family, he is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola.

Furthermore, both academies nominated him. Adaption, directed by the acclaimable director Spike Jonz, and 1987 Moonstruck, for the Golden Globes. The actor indeed has a great CV.

His promising begin granted Cage was one of the best-paid actors from the 90s. But unfortunately, he went astray. It’s something that usually happens to successful actors. Cage burned out his money with lots of houses, luxury cars, exotic animals, a real dinosaur head, and some other bizarre stuff.

Because of that, the actor lost all of his fortunes and accumulated a debt of 13 million dollars, so he had to accept any kind of movie opportunity he had. He participated in many bad movies, like Bangkok Dangerous, Fury, Ghost Rider, and more. We hope the actor now is managing better his net worth.

Incredible Actor Who Made A Terrible Movie, Jennifer Aniston.

Actors Who Made Horrible Movies
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She may have not a huge debit, but her career was not so much enviable too. Revealed in Friends, the actress won an Emmy and a Golden Globe. She changed to the movie’s career and became one of the most well-paid actresses due to her success in the series.

The movies Along Came Polly and Marley & Me were an enormous hype and lifted up Aniston’s career to another level.

But unfortunately, she fell into the comfort zone when she started to play roles in some generic romantic comedy movies. Most of them were not well acclaimed by the critics, like the movies Management, He’s Just Not That into You, She’s Funny That Way, and more.

Although, her main bad movie was The Switch, which granted her a nomination for the worst actress on the internet. It is worth remembering that Aniston recently was nominated to the Golden Globe for the drama Cake. It was considered an injustice to not appoint her to the Oscar for this film.

Gerard Butler in The List of 5 Incredible Actors Who Made Terrible Movies.

Actors Who Made Horrible Movies
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He started in the movie Mrs. Brown, who was well acclaimed by the critics. But after this success, the actor mostly played bad films, like Tomb Raider, Dracula 2000, and Fast Food.

Although, in 2004 he came back to the top. With the Dear Frankie and the iconic movie 300, in 2007, he was nominated for an Oscar.

The spartan’s movie raised up Butler within Hollywood, and he was cast for PS. I Love You and RocknRolla. Two of the latest great movies from the actor.

Unfortunately, except for the 2011 drama Coriolanus, the actor only went downhill. Butler had several bad movies from then on, like The Family ManPraying for Keeps, Gods of Egypt, The Bounty Hunter, and more. They were all movies with a lot of audience in the theaters, but it got a lot of hate from the experts. Therefore, the critics also praised Butler for the way he can deliver great acting to bad kinds of movies, specifically in Olympus Has Fallen. He is an excellent actor with a bit of bad luck.

Cuba Gooding Jr


The actor beginning was like a comet passing through the earth.  His first Hollywood movie, 1988 Coming to America, was a huge success. The movie  written by the comedian Eddie Murphy has raised up all its cast in that time.

In 1997 Cuba won the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor in the movie Jerry Maguire. And before it, he played in the memorable films A Few Good Men, and Boyz N The Hood. We can’t also forget Men Of Honor, the movie who can make any man drown in tears with the history of Carl Brashear, the first black man who joined in the US Marine.

At the time, we could guess the actor’s career would launch to the skies. Unfortunately, he had a sequence of several bad movies in the following years, like As Good As It Gets, Instinct, Rat Race, and Pearl Harbor.It’s something to be sad for, a great actor wasted in such badly written movies.

Nowadays, Gooding Jr. has gotten his career right. The 2014 Selma was nominated to the Oscar of best film, and the series America Crime Story – The People Vs. O.J. Simpson brought back a huge hype from the time that infamous murder happened. Since the new generation had not lived in the times where every American TV channel would broadcast the judgment of the ex-NFL player. For this series, Cuba ran for an Emmy, and his partner John Travolta, had three Emmy ‘s nominations for playing Simpson’s lawyer Robbert Shapiro.

John Travolta

Actors Who Made Horrible Movies
RMR Episode54 – John Travolta as Robert Shapiro on Youtube

The old era actor seems to have a career that presents itself in cycles. He does a sequence of great movies, then later he does a sequence of bad movies, and go back to good movies again. After his memorable appearance in 1977 Saturday Night Fever, the actor shaken up the world with his role in Pulp Fiction, which is considered the movie that brought him back to the spotlight.

The actor itself hasn’t won an Oscar yet. The actor had an unfortunate sequence of poorly written movies like the 2004 Punisher, Domestic Disturbance, Old Dogs, and more. Films who really are not at the same level as the actor from 1983 Two of a Kind and Staying Alive. His recent job in American Crime Story, although, showed us the great dramatic actor he is.

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