July 2, 2020

Behind those Mouse ears, lies the huge entertainment company Disney. And there’s a huge list of strict rules Disney stars have to follow especially when they are young actors. Take a look at the rules the Disney Company expects its stars to follow. Some of them will blow your mind!

One strict rule Disney stars have to follow is to maintain the Appearance.

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The Company expects you to maintain your characters look, especially if you are a woman. For the actresses that appear in the company’s movies and TV shows, this means maintaining the look they give you 24/7.

Of course Disney expects the girls they hire to eventually grow up, the company just wants to depict that on camera. However, any change that’s too severe can become a problem. If an actresses figure evolves too drastically or too quickly, they may find themselves written out of their projects.

Dating Another Disney Star.

Strict Rules Disney Stars Have To Follow
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Over the years, Disney stars like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, or Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez, they’ve coupled up. Disney employs many teen actors, and inevitably they want to start dating. Disney’s preference would be to avoid the issue entirely.

Still, if the stars are going to date, the company prefers that they do it with their fellow Disney stars. If Disney stars date each other, at least that gives the Company another marketing angle for their products.

Female Main Disney Characters Are A Must.

Strict Rules Disney Stars Have To Follow
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Shows on the Disney Channel often emphasize female characters. Obviously, that doesn’t mean there aren’t male characters on the channel shows, but female characters are a must.

Many shows are leading by one or more young actresses. However, even male-fronted shows like the Jonas Brothers and The Suite Life On Deck, heavily feature female main characters actresses.

Social Media Posts.


Social media gets a lot of people in trouble even when they’re not famous. When you have a public following, though, posting the wrong thing can be a huge problem. This is especially true if an actor displays any details about their upcoming works.

To make sure nothing gets shared that shouldn’t be, Disney requires actors to get its approval for social media posts related to its projects. Undoubtedly, the company wants their stars to use social media, talking about a new project on Facebook or Instagram can drive some enormous hype.

Keep Song Lyrics PG.

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Pop music today can be extremely suggested. For parents, Disney music is an oasis away from all the questionable content that they want to shield their kids from. That’s why Disney insists that their artists keep their lyrics G or at the absolute most, PG rating. Now, of course, the other side of this is that it tends to stifle their artist’s creative expression.

The lead of Jonas Brothers, Joe, has been especially candid about what it’s like to produce songs for Disney, while the brothers wrote their own material the House of Mouse heavily policed their lyrics.

According to Jonas, even implying they could be alone in a room with a girl was a big no-no. This can be very limiting for artists, especially as they grow older and want to explore some of their more adult images through their music.

Disney Chooses Your Clothes.

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Every TV show or movie has a wardrobe department that picks clothes for its characters, this maintains the production’s look and ensures the clothes the actors wear are appropriate for their roles.

Disney takes things two steps further, they assign their actors a stylist who picks their clothes when they make public appearances.

This means the style of clothes the actors wear and their projects often extend to other parts of their lives. It helps the company maintain the actor’s image, but it prevents stars from expressing themselves, and probably, this may be what Disney wants. That is one of the reasons the star’s style seems to change so drastically when they leave the company.

Disney Controls Your Career.

When you sign a contract with Disney, you also sign away a certain amount of career freedom, of course, this is true of any project. If you’re working on one movie or show, you can’t do another. However, accommodations can often be made for actors to work on more than one thing at a time, if their schedule allows for it.

Disney is usually not that easy-going, though. Many of the Disney movie actors signed multi-picture deals, and their contracts prevent them from working on other projects while the Disney movie is filming.

The company must approve any other work that they want to appear, which means Disney has a say in the trajectory of an actor’s career.

Don’t Get Photographed In Compromising Situations.

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The company doesn’t necessarily spell this rule out for its actors, but it doesn’t want its stars to appear in any risk photos, mainly, their female stars. In an age where compromising images are being caught on camera every day or through hacked cellphones, this can be tough for actors.

Vanessa Hudgens, from the High School Musical, experienced the challenges of modern-day technology firsthand when a revealing photo of her was leaked. While Hudgens was over 18 at the time, she was still playing a high school student in her franchise.

Understandably, Disney was extremely unhappy about the leaky.

A strict rule Disney stars have to follow is

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A strict rule Disney stars have to follow is Keep Their Voice Youthful.

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Not just the words they use, but the tone of voice that they say those words with. When Bella Thorne was on the show Shake It Up, she had trained to speak in a higher-pitched voice. During interviews, Thorne’s real voice is naturally husky, but Disney felt that the higher voice made her seem like a “good girl.”

Of course, some changes to actor’s voices are just the result of growing older. However, Disney’s micromanagement of the tone of voice its actors use is still pretty extreme.

Disney stars Can’t Smoke.

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The company has a well-known band on depictions on smoking across its properties. There is some wiggle room in certain places, but for its kid-friendly fare, including its Disney Channel shows, this rule is rock solid.

It also extends to Disney star’s real lives, the young stars of Disney shows are expected to uphold the company’s kid-friendly image, by refraining from ever being seen with a cigarette.

Of course, that doesn’t mean nothing goes on behind the scenes, but if Disney ever found out about it the company wouldn’t stand for it.

Get Ready To Sing.

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 Many Disney Channel movies or shows include singing, which means the company hires a lot of multi-talented actors. Disney knows a good opportunity when it’s seasonal, the mouse house often pushes its actors to take on singing careers.

 It makes sense from a corporate perspective, if Disney has a star who acts in their properties and puts out albums, they have multiple streams of revenue for that one talent.

No Facial Hair.

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Well, Disney’s female actors have more than a few rules that they need to follow. This rule is for the Mouse House young male stars, they aren’t allowed to have even a wisp of facial hair.

We know many of Disney’s actors are well past puberty, so staying baby-faced requires regular shaving, yet, the ban on facial scruff doesn’t end at Disney’s shows and movies.

 As long as an actor is promoting a Disney project, they must maintain their clean-shaven look, this rule doesn’t extend to older male actors, as long as they keep it neat.

No Say On The Scripts.

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Like many actors, Disney Channel’s young stars are expected to do with the scripts for their shows. Sometimes, though an actor may have an idea for the direction their show should take, unfortunately, it seems Disney has not been particularly receptive to its teen actor’s opinions.

 When Dylan Cole Sprouse was starring on The Suite Life on Deck, they attempted to share their ideas about the show storylines, Disney was less than interested. The twins reportedly felt the company didn’t take them seriously, which was the reason why they decided to end their show.

Keep It Covered Up.

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Female Disney stars can’t wear bikinis. Disney can be absolutely prudish when it comes to his female actor’s clothes. In order to avoid any hint of sexuality, the company likes its stars to keep their skin covered. This became a problem when Bella Thorne, from Shake It Up, was spotted wearing a bikini on a beach.

While the swimsuit was pretty standard beachwear, Disney deemed the suit inappropriate and threatened to fire her over it. Disney likes its actors to keep modest both on-screen and in their personal lives.

That Morality Clause.

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No one wants to get caught up in a public scandal, and Disney doesn’t want to be dragged into one because of something one of their actors does. As a result, Disney contracts come with a strict morality clause. That way, should an actor get involved in anything that seems inappropriate or morally questionable, Disney can fire them.

If an incident does occur, the choice of whether or not to bring the hammer down is all Disney’s. That means even when it can, the Company doesn’t always enact its morality clause, its decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

After everything listed, sometimes you see situations of actors quiting from scenes, since it’s too much work or maybe they are not comfortable to go further.