July 1, 2020

Being an actor is a challenging job. There are situations where the work exhausts the actor and puts them into movie scenes that almost made actors quit whether due to an absurd number of scenes, weird script decisions, and on-set verbal aggression.

Still, all these actors overcame it managing to finish the job as we can see in the Screen Rant video bellow!

1. Almost Made Shelley Duvall in The Shining quite.

Movie Scenes That Almost Made Actors Quit
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Back to headlines in 2019 due to the hype of the similar movie Doctor Sleep, the classic by Stanley Kubrick had a massive impact on the actress Shelley Duvall. The actress played Wendy Torrance, the wife of Jack Torrance, played Jack Nicholson. He told her experience was one of the most difficult jobs he had ever seen, no actor could do the same.

Due to the number of crying scenes that her character required, she ended up with extreme exhaustion and dehydration. She even started losing part of her hair in the last days of the production.

There was a scene from the movie where she used a baseball bat to defend herself from Jack and became a Guinness World Record with the highest amount of takes necessary for the scene, 127! Duvall can’t be blamed for the exhaustion that’s for sure.

2. Jeremy Renner in Avengers

Movie Scenes That Almost Made Actors Quit
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In his first real appearance after the movie Thor, his character Hawkeye was put under Loki’s control because of the power from the Infinity Gems. The actor didn’t enjoy it since the first impressions of the fans about the character would be a fake one. He was doing the shots depressed and uninterested during most of the film.

Jeremy mentioned that the experience was so bad that he ended up pressing the producers to kill the archer in the movie so he wouldn’t have to keep doing it. The director denied the request. He came back afterward in the sequels, he ended up getting a small legion of fans who were angry at his absence in Infinite War movie.

3. Brad Pitt in The Vampire Chronicles

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Pitt is one of the greatest actors of his generation. Despite him being most of the time a protagonist, he has no problem playing smaller roles in the movies. Yet, his experience in The Vampire Chronicles was a bad one. Everyone could see he looked depressed, even when the role itself was depressive.

In an interview, Pitt declared that the constant shootings in the night, the uncomfortable lens contact, the rainy London location, made him hate the job. In the middle of the production, he considered leaving everything.

He offered to the producer David Geffen to stop his contract. The director informed him that the penalty was about 40 million dollars. Needless to say that the actor decided to continue the film.

4. Carl Weathers in Rocky IV

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Everybody has had a bad day in Hollywood. Carl Weathers was no exception. When he worked on the fourth film of the franchise, the actor almost resigned everything, due to a scene with Dolph Lundgren, who played Ivan Drago in the movie.

Although it may look like real boxing in the films, it is fake boxing, to protect the actors of any possible injury. But one day, it became too real for the actor’s taste when Dolph started to throw real punches at him in the ring. Carl did not enjoy it and left the set pissed off, claiming he was renouncing to everything.

The film production stopped for four days, and only after Stallone begs and pleads to his return, he came back. Apollo Creed was a strong character in the movie, and now we have the Creed’s franchise.

5. Michelle Rodriguez in Fast & Furious

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The movie surprised the public around the world when it became one of the most popular and profitable franchises on the market. The actress Michelle Rodriguez almost had abandoned the first film, because of how it was written. her character’s first sketches would be betraying Toretto and falling in love with Brian, the secret FBI agent.

In the midst of the shootings, she said to the director that due to her character’s personality, she would prefer to stay with the alpha male character, Toretto, instead of betraying him. She insisted that this part of the film should change and threatened to resign if they didn’t change it, but for the good of all parties involved, the script was modified, and Letty(her role) remained loyal to Toretto, marrying with him in the sequels.

6. Zoe Saldana in The Pirates of the Caribbean

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A pretty familiar name today, she had engaging roles in the restart of Star Trek, as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, and more. But before becoming one of the most important actresses today, she had a minimal role in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.

This experience ended up discouraging her downright. The actress played Ana Maria, a secondary role in the movie. At that time, she had no influence and was an actress who struggled to launch her career due to her low level.

The crew did not treat her well, they used to call her a number instead of her own name. Superiors belittled and demoralized her. She didn’t want to work in an industry that was so elitist and cruel to the actors of minor roles in the films. Still, she decided to continue, and now she is a massive success in the industry.

7. Jake Gyllenhaal in Zodiac

He is a respected actor, able to make great films, and had much success in serious dramas. One of these almost made him resign, and the reason for so much stress was because of the director.

Zodiac is a 2007 movie directed by David Fincher. The director chooses a filmmaking method that would put more attention on the actors. Being the main actor in the set, Jake had the hardest part of it. The director became a perfectionist and asked the actors to make an enormous amount of takes, bothering the entire crew.

The actor in an interview said he was asked to repeat a scene 90 times. Digital filming was a new method. The director didn’t know he could shoot everything and save for edits later. This, of course, caused unnecessary fatigue for the actor.

8. Mike Myers in Wayne’s World


The actor played Wayne, and he was thrilled to make one full movie with the other protagonist Dana Carvey. One of the most memorable parts of the whole film, in fact, it is the beginning. It starts with them singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

The song was only in this scene, and it almost didn’t happen. The song was too expensive for the movie.

The producer insisted on using a Guns n’ Roses song instead, but the actor almost abandoned the movie when he heard about it. Yet, the people involved knew Myers was irreplaceable, and the song remained.

9. Ian McKellen in The Hobbit

Movie Scenes That Almost Made Actors Quit
IAN McKELLEN as Gandalf in New Line Cinema’s and MGM’s fantasy adventure “THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Sir Ian got excited to play Gandalf again, but the veteran actor felt a big difference from the first film. The special effects experience, 3D frames, all the new technology, the first movies of The Rings used tricks of two cameras to allow the hobbits to have life.

Now the director would use green-screen technology to achieve a better effect, which means that McKellen was acting only in green-screen rooms, separated from the rest of the other actors. The two recordings would come together thanks to editing skills, and this made the acclaimed actor a bit down in the set.

The director Peter Jackson then had to create a “Thanks Gandalf” day to raise up the moral of Sir Ian, decorating his dressing room with the themes from The Lord of the Rings. The actor returned to a good mood, and the movie was a success.

10. Daisy Ridley in Star Wars

Movie Scenes That Almost Made Actors Quit
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She had her big opportunity as the first protagonist woman in the Star Wars series. She went from an unknown to a megastar. Despite her success, the actress almost abandoned the role. That could have had severe consequences for her career.

On the first day, the actress had a lot of pressure on set. Her first day of shootings was in the middle of the desert, the actress felt the pressure of being a Jedi. The director told her she was acting like a “wood,” this made her almost resign the role, and she panicked. Rian Johnson was patient and gave her some feedback on how to play Rey. She put her head in place and managed to finish the film for the great of the fans.

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