July 25, 2020

Several of those projects were pre-announced, but for some reason, we will see Marvel movies that never happened. Due to rights of use, different ideas and times, drastic changes in company leadership, Marvel’s fans were left to the imagination about many movies that were once in the executive’s desk.

Nowadays, the pressure of the public to a company can make a once canceled project, come back to life. But several years before, the internet had not this amount of power, and we were left without many ideas and plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s check that huge list of never live projects.

Spider-Man 4

Marvel Movies That Never Happened
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Sami Raimi managed to bring the classic Spider-Man trilogy to the theaters. Even now, the hero played by Toby Maguire has a huge portion of fans. However, most people don’t know that the idea of Sony was to keep the Spider-Man franchise constant. The fourth version of the movie had some shootings, where Anne Hathaway would play the Black Cat, and John Malkovich the villain Vulture. Unfortunately, Raimi had a disagreement with Sony, and the director left the production. Maguire and Kirsten Dunst asked to leave the franchise too, and then the company decided to cancel the Spider-Man 4.

Ant-Man As Core Avenger’s Hero

Marvel Movies That Never Happened
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The initial idea of Marvel when they begin to write the MCU was to make the Avengers squad with the same heroes displayed in the Comics. Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man and Wasp were the original Avengers. The director Edgard Wright was called to write the project, but unfortunately, Marvel didn’t enjoy his ideas and this version of the Avengers with the Ant-Man wasn’t made.

Years later, another director was called to make the solo movie of the Ant-Man, and then Scott Laney came late to the already established heroes squad.

2007 Dr. Strange’s Film

Marvel Movies That Never Happened
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The producers Neil Gaiman and Guilherme Del Toro did a detailed project about this superhero movie, but the executives didn’t accept it. The problem of making a Dr. Strange movie back in 2007 was pure wrong “timing”. At the time, Marvel had yet to release the first Iron Man movie, which would be the beginning of the MCU.

So, starting this big cinematic universe with a not so known character like the magic doctor, wouldn’t be a good idea. However, in 2016, Doctor Stranger’s first movie was released, but we will never know how the 2007 version of the film would be.

X-Men Origins – Magneto

Marvel Movies That Never Happened
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Fox archived this project, even when it had a lot of potentials. This would be the second Origins movie, but unfortunately, the critics didn’t receive the Wolverine Origins film well, which was one of the reasons the franchise was canceled.

However, years later in X-Men – First Class, we can see that a-third of the movie is about Magneto’s history, so we can assume not every idea from his Origins movie was discarded.

Deadpool 3


The iconic anti-hero character became a success around the world. Fox finally got another hero movie besides X-Men to explore. The company had plans to keep up with the franchise for a long time, this was a promise by them for the fans. But in 2019, everything changed, Disney bought Fox, and the new owner started to mass discard every project they had around.

All that mutant universe Fox had was forever gone. Deadpool fans tried to press Disney to give them the third movie of the anti-hero. Howerver, Rob Leifert, the creator of the Marvel Universe in Fox, confirmed that Deadpool 3 is officially canceled. If somewhat Disney resurrects the movie, it won’t happen with the same actors, what of course, won’t make the fans happy.


Marvel Movies That Never Happened
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The incoming movie was announced officially. It would be the closing of the third phase of MCU, it would launch in 2019, after Avengers Endgame. The Disney’s strategy was to use the Inhumans characters as the “mutants”, alternatively to the X-Men.

If you have watch the series Marvel Agents of Shield, you could see that the UCM didn’t have the right to use the Mutants. The game changed, Disney bought Fox, and what should be the new Marvel Universe phase became a bad rated series.

The Incredible Hulk 2

Marvel Movies That Never Happened
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Marvel also buried the second Hulk solo movie. At first, the film should have been released after the Avengers Age of Ultron, but it didn’t happen. Thor Ragnarok shared a lot of its time with Hulk, so we know that the green hero had promised time anyway.

For sure, one of the reasons for the cancelation was the replacement of Edward Norton by Mark Ruffalo as the big green guy. It wouldn’t be coherent to see two different Hulks in the same time.

Warriors Three

Marvel Movies That Never Happened
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The Warriors Three are Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg. If you can’t remember them, they are the best friends of Thor in Asgard. They had their own comics, and Kevin Feige itself said they could introduce the three heroes to the MCU as a solo movie.

Unfortunately, the first Thor’s movie itself didn’t reach the expectations of Marvel, making the possibility of the Warriors Three movie be gone. However, Thor Ragnarok was a great success, but the three of Thor’s friends got killed by the villain Hela in the film.

Luke Cage by Quentin Tarantino

Marvel Movies That Never Happened
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The acclaimed director said he really wished to make this hero movie. Tarantino is a big fan of comics, specifically Luke Cage. Not only the director is a huge fan of the hero. Nicholas Cage, to dissociate himself from Coppola’s family, changed his last name to “Cage”, in a tribute to the superhero. We could expect an incredibly violent movie in the MCU if the director really took the job. Unfortunately, Tarantino is known for promising and not doing. The director preferred to invest in his own ideas, and the Luke Cage movie was never released.

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