August 30, 2020

Amazon is Setting The Trend!

Find Out Why…

Amazon Prime is taking the forefront in innovative television programming and has garnered a significant share of the young professional market from standbys like HBO and Netflix. Here are 10 of the “Prime of the Prime” that any self-respecting video movie lover needs to see.

Amazon Prime TV Shows You Need To Watch

Good Omens

This delightfully twisted series focuses on an angel and a demon living their own lives on future earth threatened by the coming Apocalypse. It’s a fantasy with amazing tension, drama, and humor all wrapped together in a 6-episode series for all of us with short attention spans and a liking for strange but soul-searching humor.

Amazon Prime TV Shows You Need To Watch

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If winning a Golden Globe isn’t enough, how about turning trauma into drama and humor? After her husband leaves her, Midge decides to take up a new career as a stand-up comic. Her routine gets her arrested. But Midge and her new best friend and guide head into new lands with this engaging and witty comedy.

Flight of The Conchords

Here’s a new premise! Musicians from New Zealand try to get the big break by moving to New York City. Jermaine and Bret are almost clueless about the Big Apple and how it’s nearly impossible to break into the music industry. Their plight is frustrating, pathetic and riotously funny. This well-written series is new, inventive and full of great indie rock.

Amazon Prime TV Shows You Need To Watch


Fleabag is a woman who is an obsessive liar, afraid to face her inner self, and can’t let go of her failing business. Needless to say she is more than a little out of the mainstream, and often drifts off into crazed monologues that you can’t help but watch, fascinated. The series has some of the best writing on television, and has won Emmys for Best Actress, Best Writing, and Best Comedy.

Bored to Death

Jonathan is a semi-professional detective whose real job is trying to become something more than a struggling writer, between solving crimes and getting stoned with his friends. The show is funny, sad and a little grimy in an unkempt urban way. Jonathan has a very difficult time seeing himself as anything more than a pathetic anti-hero, with the exception of the times when he is a brilliant sleuth and author.


Well, welcome to 2020! This show takes on all kinds of stereotypes as it follows Maura, a transgender person who is trying to make sense of life in an environment and in a body that often don’t mesh. The director has plumbed the depths of human behavior to create a series that is compelling, engaging and often over the top. Great acting, writing and musical score helped Transparent to earn a Golden Globe for Best Series.

Amazon Prime TV Shows You Need To Watch

Jean-Claude Van Johnson. Streaming on Amazon Prime!

At last! Jean Claude Van Damme is back! Little did we know that all of the Van Damme martial arts movies of the ‘80’s were only a cover for Special Agent Jean (I suspected it. He was just too GOOD!) This rocking comedy has Jean-Claude playing himself and many other disguise rolls with polished humor, a la Mike Myers as Austin Powers, with a very serious 007 punch. This series of six is a fun watch for a late-night party.

Rescue Me

If you are looking for some soul-searching drama, here it is. Firefighters in New York City deal with emergency, trauma, loss, and salvation every day, it’s all here. Struggles with holding together work and family, friends you love and hate but bet your life on. There is PTSD, the specter of violence, and the flashes of heroism that make firefighters the heroes they are.

Comrade Detective

Let’s go back to the Cold War. Twenty years before the Millenials were born. Ancient history with a modern twist. The archrivals, western capitalist imperialism was being undermined by the revolution of the people’s state. The series follows a pair of Romanian detectives (shot on site) through Eastern Europe as they hunt killers, bust drug dealers, and uncover a huge international conspiracy aimed at taking down the West. This is James Bond, Jason Bourne, and a dozen other super agents all rolled together.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus takes her comedic talent from the Seinfeld days up several notches as Vice President. She works the system, makes friends and enemies, and has more fun even than Elaine with her careless disregard of her contemporaries. Her performance has earned her the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy every year since 2012. The series is not just funny. It’s a great statement about the absurdities of American politics, politicians, rules, and social norms.

Choose Your Poison!

What started almost two decades ago as Amazon Unbox and then Amazon Video on Demand, Amazon Prime has grown into a mature, socially aware and serious player in the television video series arena. Now you and your friends have dozens of choices of series in many genres, from standard sitcoms and dramas to experimental topics and mind-boggling premises. The buffet is full and a delight to the palate of anyone who enjoys a good fright, cry, or laugh. Have a great time feasting on these modern classics.